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Zytek 170kW 460Nm

Electric Traction Motor

The traction motor is suitable for a range of vehicle applications, from medium size passenger cars to light duty commercial vehicles. Multiple drive systems per vehicle can be supported due to the safety case and levels of torque integrity employed.


Technical Data
170kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Nominal voltage350V
Phase current (@ 460Nm)1000A pk
Continuous shaft power (dependant on speed)75kW to 125kW
Continuous shaft power (dependant on speed)233Nm to 248Nm
Motor assembly mass75kg
Max operating speed12,200rpm
Typical coolant temperature65°C
Number of poles8
Automotive qualificationYes
Peak power (60 second)170kW
Peak torque
90 seconds460Nm
60 seconds510Nm
30 seconds630Nm
10 seconds670Nm

Electric Traction Drive System

Zytek have developed a high power, compact, electric drive package comprising;

  • 3 phase permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM)
  • Control electronics
  • Integrated concentric gearbox (optional)

The powertrain is intended for use in electric and hybrid vehicles using a vehicle controller, high voltage battery and other supplementary systems supplied by the customer.

Inverter communication is via Flexray, optional CAN system under development and integration. The twin motor concept has been developed under ISO26262 to safety level ASIL-D.



Zytek 250kW Inverter

High power density inverter, with advanced integrated 3 phase, permanent magnet control software. The inverter is designed and validated under international standards for automotive environmental conditions.


Technical Data
Peak electrical power250kW @ 450V
Phase current1000A pk
Dimensions400 x 300 x 111.5mm
Power density18kW/l
Main processorInfineon TC1798 (32bit/300MHz)
Monitoring processorInfineon XC2388E (16bit/128MHz)
Signature watchdogInfineon CIC61508
SafetyASIL D compliant
Automotive qualificationYes
Motor controlZytek proprietory sinusoidal space vector PWM

Zytek 170kW 460Nm – Electric Traction Motor and 250kW Inverter

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