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Zytek Twin 25kW

Water Cooled Motor/4 Speed Powertrain

Zytek’s latest concept uses twin 25kW motors coupled to a novel
4 speed transmission.

This provides outstanding acceleration at low vehicle speeds, whilst increasing vehicle top speed. Compact overall powertrain dimensions enable easy installation in a wide variety of applications.


Technical Data
Inverter - Continental EPF2-3
Type2 off IGBT, 3 phase bridge
Voltage range250 - 425V
Vehicle communicationsCAN
Vehicle auxiliary system supply2,200W @ 13.5V (optional)
Weight7.6kg (dry) x 2
Gearbox - Vocis Graziano
Type4 speed seamless shift transaxle
RatiosGear I = 31.1
Gear II = 21.9
Gear III = 15.6
Gear IV = 11.1
Max wheel torque3710Nm
Motor - Zytek Automotive
Type2 off 3 phase AC permanent magnet synchronous
Power - peak/continuous25kW/15kW (Peak for 30 secs)
Torque - peak/continuous70Nm/47Nm x 2 (Peak for 30 secs)
Weight12.8kg (without leads)

Zytek Twin 25kW.

  • Water Cooled Motor/4 Speed Powertrain.

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