Standard Products

Electronic Gearshift System (EGS)

The Zytek EGS (Electronic Gearshift System) is unique as the only high-level advanced gearshift system which is purely electro-mechanical. Most commercially available automatic and semi-automatic gearshift systems used in motor racing applications are based on either hydraulic or pneumatic power sources.

The Zytek EGS has been specifically developed to avoid the installation complexity, maintenance requirements, and weight associated with pneumatics or hydraulics.The EGS is capable of individual gearshifts in 25 milliseconds, and up to 5 downshifts in less than a second. Additionally, the precise control of the electric actuators results in very little wear on the gear selector mechanism and dog rings, which extends gearbox life, improves reliability and shift accuracy.

Gear ratios are set and stored in NonVolatile memory for downshift over-rev protection of the engine.