3 Phase PMSM Design

Electric and hybrid vehicles will all require an electric motor to provide both motive power and a means of capturing regenerative energy. Zytek specialise in the development of highly salient, 3 phase, internal rotor, permanent magnet, synchronous electric machines for both hybrid and electric vehicles. From the original smart electric drive (of which approaching 2,500 units were manufactured), Zytek have been used for the design, test and manufacture of advanced traction and hybrid machines since the mid 1990’s, giving an unrivalled level of experience in this field.

Zytek can supply “off the shelf” products, semi-customised solutions where machine length and winding configurations can be employed, to fully custom solutions where ultra-high levels of performance are required or difficult package challenges must be met. Solutions can be offered to customers where unusual machine profiles can be designed (for example extreme aspect ratio designs) or even where package limitations mandate a non-round design (as was shown in the smart cross town hybrid).

In house manufacturing facilities mean that initial prototype machine designs can manufactured by hand, allowing high levels of feedback between manufacturing and design teams. As machine production volumes increase, Zytek’s in house facilities can be utilised to manufacture up to 2,000 units per year.

For testing and characterisation of 3 phase permanent magnet machines and power electronics, Zytek have extensive in-house test facilities, comprising 5 full size electric machine dynamometers (one with full transient capability) and additional low torque spin test facilities. This ensures that most test activities can be managed in-house, from initial characterisation through to design validation robustness testing.