Concept Vehicle Design
and Build

In additional to component engineering capabilities, Zytek can also perform turnkey concept vehicle conversion programs. Using a team of vehicle engineers, electric or hybrid powertrains can be installed in vehicles giving customers the experience of driving vehicle concepts in the shortest possible time.

The wide variety of skills needed to perform such conversions are all found in-house at Zytek:

  • Mechanical vehicle packaging using Catia or Pro-Engineer
  • FEA & thermal analysis
  • Design and manufacture of electrical systems, both LV & HV
  • Communications integration, using experience of CAN, LIN, Flexray

The commissioning of new powertrain systems requires a high degree of knowledge of typical vehicle systems, such as ABS, ESP etc to ensure that safety systems are not impaired by the introduction of these new components. It must also be ensured that basic vehicle dynamics are not affected by different/increased vehicle weight balance, as hybrid/electric vehicle batteries are typically large, heavy and difficult to package items.

Using our dedicated workshop facility, Zytek been converting prototype vehicles since the Chrysler ESX series hybrid that was demonstrated to the public in 1997. Most recently, the Morgan plus E (as shown in the 2012 Geneva motor show) was converted to gauge market reaction to a pure electric power version of this most traditional of vehicles. Both vehicles are fully working prototypes, designed and engineered to show off the merits of their differing powertrain configurations.


Concept-Vehicle Design-Build