Niche Volume Vehicle Manufacturing

Zytek are almost uniquely placed in the market in offering capability and experience in setting up niche hybrid and electric vehicle production facilities, either in house, in a dedicated facility within OEM facility, or fully integrated into a conventional production line.

Zytek’s facility in Fradley can be used for bay build activities, converting vehicles at a rate of up to 10/week. This has the advantage of minimal disturbance to standard production lines, minimum setup costs, zero powertrain transportation costs. End of line vehicle testing can also be completed, providing test procedures can be supplied. Zytek’s conference facilities can even be used for dealer & service technician training –for both generic EV/HEV and model specific programs.

The other extreme is setup of a fully integrated facility, lineside at the OEM facility. Whilst being the most expensive facility to set up, this will ensure that cost per conversion is kept to a minimum. This method was implemented by Zytek for the smart ed program, where 2300 vehicles were manufactured over a period of 18 months.